My Favorite CrossFit Videos Volume 2: OPT vs. Helen

CrossFit Victoria BC - CF Total
Wayne and Greg doing it up CF Total style!

This next video is definitely one that I get a lot of motivation and passion from. The previous video (“Nasty Girls”) showcased the intensity and variety of CrossFit programming and the incredible athleticism of some of the top CrossFit athletes. “OPT vs. Helen” is a story about an equally talented and committed athlete and his battle to conquer the 7-minute barrier on the “Helen” workout. If that’s where the story ended, that would be fine and it is a great video on that level – a sub-7 Helen is something that is an amazing physical and psychological achievement.

However there is more to this story than just the workout and a single man battling through it. The video illustrates the community of CrossFit as OPT (James FitzGerald) is cheered on by both his immediate family (wife and baby daughter) as well as his extended CrossFit family, who have gathered at night to witness his attempt. The support, understanding, and encouragement of a community of like-minded people are truly things that set CrossFit apart. Every one of the people there that night was pulling for OPT, yelling and cheering and living the workout right along with him. The excitement builds as the rounds pass, James fatigues, and the reps become harder.

One can’t put a value on support from friends in any endeavor and CrossFit is no exception. We are a community and we are friends. Enjoy the video.


Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Team med ball relay; each team member must complete 2 -400M sprints with a med ball. First team to finish all sprints wins!

WOD – “Five -O”

In teams of two, each team will have five minutes at each of the following stations to complete as many reps (calories on the rower) as possible. Only one team member at a time can be working. The stations are as follows:

Wall balls

Cash Out – Stretch!


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