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CrossFit Victoria BC - Adam Giles

Lessons from a Day of Getting Schooled: A Perspective on the CF Games from Last Place in the Men’s Advanced Cat.

The pictures instantly take you back to those moments of truth. The online chatter has only recently settled down, as we’re now refocusing our athletic goals. We pushed ourselves beyond what we thought were our limits, tapping into new ground as people and athletes. Crossfit athletes hold themselves and what they do to high standards. It’s clear that the Zone Games met and exceeded these standards.

But how could I be so enthusiastic, you say? I’m that guy who finished dead last in the Men’s Advanced category? I failed to get the 185lbs above my head even once in the first WOD; I couldn’t link together two CTB pullups to save my life in what should have been a pretty good WOD for me; I sucked at knees to elbow and failed to do even one muscle up in the last event, opting instead for a broken, lack lustre 20 push-ups. I’m the guy who won the sympathy Popeye’s hat during the medal ceremony. Yes, that was me, and I have no regrets about my decision to compete in the Men’s Advanced category that day.

When I decided to sign up for the Zone Games, I was left with a big decision: would I register in the open or advanced category? I knew both categories would be stacked with awesome athletes, and I’d be pushed to exhaustion no matter what. In terms of meeting the advanced category’s eligibility criteria, I was good to go for some, unsure about others, and a no go on others. The one criterion that worried me most was the muscle up. The requirement was that we be able to do four MUs. I had done a total of three. Not three in a row, but three, ever! This was a huge limiting factor. I did not meet this criterion, plain and simple. I decided that the Crossfit games would be a day of testing these limitations. In a competitive setting, could I push out those muscle ups if I really had to? The Friday before the event, I attended Sean Lind’s gymnastics class. I worked on my MUs a little. I did not complete a single one. Who was I kidding?

Despite limitations in my strength and abilities, on Sunday, June 27th, I competed in the Advanced category. That day was a three part baseline workout for me. It has since helped me refocus my athletic goals, gain inspiration from others’ abilities and accomplishments, and subject myself to a higher standard in my work at the Zone.

Like anyone, I love doing well and seeing myself on the leaderboard. The motivational effects of killing a workout are huge. But, I believe my decision to get my butt kicked at the Games will allow me to tap into my areas as an athlete that need major improvement. With increased attention on my weaknesses I’ll eventually improve in workouts like Traffic Jam and Diane, where my weaknesses stick out like a sore thumb.

Since the Games, Sean Lind (resident gymnastics instructor) has worked with me on the Muscle Up. He offered a few key points of advice that have allowed me to nail the MU nearly every time. You’ll now see me regularly hanging from the rings working on my MU with confidence. Cam worked with me on my clean technique on a quiet Sunday at the Zone. He’s also helped me immensely with my push press technique. Everything about my approach to the clean and jerk has changed since the Games. It’s all on the up and up!! Being spanked at the Games has helped me make vast improvements in just a couple weeks!

Why I believe in Crossfit: Crossfit does not allow you to ignore your weaknesses. Whatever element of fitness you’re not so good at, it will eventually confront you, stare you down, and wait for you to make your move. In a typical gym environment, the doom and gloom of working on a goat is so mentally taxing that we tend to ignore our weaknesses in order immediately reward ourselves by working on our strengths. But Crossfit is different, and for that we’re all better athletes. In my view, the power of Crossfit to help us make substantial fitness gains comes from its competitive yet supportive environment, where we’re pushed by others to push ourselves. Through this process we gain greater self-awareness of our capabilities, strengths, and potential. Weaknesses are not viewed as a reason to not take part in Crossfit, but rather one of the most important reasons why we continue doing what we’re doing! Placing high on the leaderboard is up there, too! 🙂

CrossFit Victoria BC - Adam Giles

The Zone Games was nothing less than an epic day of all out physical and mental efforts by everyone who participated. I commend all the athletes who participated, and thank all the coaches and volunteers who made the Game happen. I hope everyone got out of the games what they wanted. I certainly did.

Adam Giles

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: 3 rounds of:  6 pullups, 8 kettlebell swings, 10 double crunch

WOD:  “Pull and Bounce”

This wod has three parts:

  1. Deadlift 4 x 3 reps, working up to a heavy triple.  These are touch and go reps, no drops from the top, even on the last rep.  Focus on keeping tension through the whole movement with a very light touch on the bottom of the rep.  Perform two quick warm-up sets before starting your first official set.
  2. Weighted Chin – up: 4 x 3, working up to a heavy triple.  These are underhand grip, not our usual overhand.  Keep it as strict as possible.
  3. 8 minute AMRAP of 5 knees to elbows, 10 burpees, 15 double unders for max reps.

Cash-out: Easy 500m jog


Each class will be 1 hr  and 15 minutes
1 hour of technical training, and then an option of a gymnastic style WOD after the class.

To sign in for classes online, click here

Monday July 12th 7:30pm
Skills: Muscle ups, Pull overs, Back up-rise on P-bars

WOD: (30) V snaps, (15) body curls, (20)inverted pullups

for more information click the link


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