November Milestones

CrossFit Victoria BC - Jo after 50 buprees
Jo should be happy because she hit a milestone this month!

Member Milestones: As usual, our Zoners have been busy as beavers working on improving their skills, both in and out of the gym.  Here are some of their remarkable advancements this month!  If you did not get a chance to read them in the December Newsletter, here they are again!

Michelle W.– 30 Double Unders in a row, and max reps of 14 Pull Ups.  Way to PR, kiddo!
Bunty– Max double unders at 55 in a row.  Bunty’s comin’ for you on the Leaderboard, boys…
Lani- Guess who got her muscle up?!  She’s the first gal on the Leaderboard. Awesome!
Theresa D.– After only mastering her kipping Pull Up a little while ago, this dedicated diva has moved on to the Butterfly Kip, as well!  Great progress.
Brigit– She’s fought hard to come back from multiple injuries, and is now rocking out her Clean and Jerk at 80lbs. Keep at it, Girl!
Ann– Put herself on the Leaderboard for the first time with a 215lb Deadlift.
Kyle R.– This fitness fanatic got his first muscle up this month, and then proceeded to fire off 4 in a row!  He makes it look so easy…
Mehul – Completed a wicked max height box jump of 43 inches.  Thumbs up!
Eric- This crazy kid got 129 consecutive Double Unders!  Wowza.
Jo – A 220lb Deadlift is nothing to sneeze at!
Shannon– Careful practice has meant that she successfully mastered her Butterfly Kip. Sweet!
Meagan T– We can now call her Dr. Timney, because Meagen successfully passed the oral defense of her PhD thesis!
Warren– He unleashed the beast and got his first muscle up!  An admirable accomplishment, for sure.

Remember if your name is not on here and you did something that you are proud of please let us know by emailing or posting on the forum

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Monkey crawl one length (of gym), side shuffle two lengths, backpedal one length, run forward one length, repeat

WOD – “Sarah’s Surpise”

1. 8 minutes to hit a 5 rep max in the deadlift

2. Twice through the circuit of the following exercises (1 min each station, for max reps):
· Burpees
· Kettlebell swings (scale to ability, elite – 35/55)
· Double crunch

3. Add weight of bar in deadlift to total reps completed in part two to get your overall score.

Cash Out – register and record your score online at! (Sean Falconer’s site!!)

_ _ _ _

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpee – 1
Buy In – 1


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