One arm Snatches

Beast at Regionals 2012

Today’s workout incorporates another movement that you do not see regularly in the programming. This movement came up at Regionals 2 years ago, the dumbbell snatch.  This movement is different than the kettlebell snatch which you have seen more often in the program.  The biggest difference between the movements is the path that the bell travels up and overhead.  Take a look at the video below for a tutorial on how to the do the dumbbell snatch. It is a long one, so grab some popcorn and sit back and relax.

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  1. The dumbbell comes up your centre line
  2. The dumbbell stays as close to the body as possible
  3. As the hips extend, you are shrugging up and popping slightly back
  4. Once your thumb reaches the chest, you are punching up an landing in a power position or punching and dropping into a squat

This workout should be another quick one. Choosing weights or progressions that you are able to go unbroken with all of the reps other than the fact that you are alternating arms on the snatch.  This workout is developing those fast twitch muscle fibers and pushing your anaerobic threshold. Try to minimize your rest between exercises and reps unless your form is degrading and you are unable to perform quality reps. For those that are proficient at the kettlebell snatch, you are more than welcome to sub it in.


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