One For The Ladies

CrossFit Zone Victoria BC - Coach Bones doing a handstand
Coach Bones doing a handstand

Is CrossFit training suitable for women?  You bet it is!  CrossFit training is not just for men.  Thousands of women around the world are choosing CrossFit as their fitness program.  CrossFit will not give a woman a “man’s body”. It would take a lot of supplements and hormones for that to happen! Some of the top benefits of CrossFit training, applying especially to women are:

1. Increased and restored bone mineral density to combat osteoporosis
2. Increased lean body mass
3. Increased balance, coordination and confidence
4. Increased metabolic rate – burn more calories when you’re not working out
5. Increased performance in everything you do – climbing stairs, picking up kids or groceries and walking the dog
6. Age gracefully – strong muscles build a strong body
7. Feel better & look better – reduces overall body fat and gives you more energy

It is monumentally important for women to weight train. Among dozens of other benefits, weight bearing exercise reduces the rate at which bone density is depleted, leading to healthier bones for a longer period of time. Strength training is something all women should do to improve the quality and quantity of their lives!

CrossFit can help you to become much stronger in all the right ways.  I know that a lot of people, especially women, are intimidated at first because they feel as if they’ll never be able to do it.  This is something I’ve experienced myself.  But as they say, a journey of a thousand steps starts with one.  And so it is with CrossFit, starting small and working to amazing things!

You go, girl!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Front plank with alternating arms for 45 seconds, 15 reps of double crunch x 4 sets


Five rounds:
Thrusters, 15 seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
Weighted pull-up, 15 seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
Burpees, 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

Cash Out – Partner Stretching


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