Overhead Squat Tip – 2

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Unstable Shoulder Fault (Bent Elbow)
If you can’t lock your arms out overhead, it’s an indication that you a.) don’t understand how to create a stable shoulder position or b.) you are missing internal rotation in the shoulder. Bending your elbows internally rotates your arms, which unloads tension in your shoulders, lats, and upper back. While this compensation allows you to get overhead, it puts your shoulders in an unstable position, creating a toxic motor pattern that will leak poison into pulling movements like the pullup. press and deadlift. Power is lost by the metric ton and this fault opens the door to elbow injury and pain.

Is it your shoulders or hips?  Do this simple test:

Motor Control Fix:
Create torque off the bar, keeping your wrist in a neutral position, externally rotate your armpits forward, and lockout your elbows.

Mobilization Target Area:
Thoracic Spine
Posterior shoulders and lats
Anterior shoulders and chest
First rib mobilization

Coaches Notes:

  • For the strength portion – if you are not able to do full squat depth against the post/wall then work on technique/mobility or sub in a back squat or front squat for strength.
  • Break up the toes to bar in small sets with minimal rest to save your forearms.
  • Break up the handstand pushups in smaller sets than anticipated as you will fatigue very quick in this strict movement.
  • Only do kipping handstand pushups if you are able to do strict to the same range of motion.
  • Warmup your wrists before the beginning the workout


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