Put a Stop to Emotional Eating

Unfortunately, eating is more than something we do to nourish our bodies with vital nutrients.  It’s also an activity we do out of habit, like nail biting, or hair twirling.  And sometimes, we habitually turn to food in response to certain emotions.  Whether you feel angry, sad, bored, even excited, food can act as a buffer against these emotions.

Emotional eaters know that the fleeting “high” we get from food blocks the pain or discomfort of dealing with what we might be feeling, even if only temporarily.  We also know better! In the long run, we know that we shouldn’t eat for purely emotional reasons.  But that knowledge isn’t enough to stop you from doing it every time.  So where do you start if you want to stop eating emotionally?

It may sound terribly cliché, but the first step is awareness.  You need to recognize that you do eat emotionally, and figure out WHY.  Each time you reach for foods, or even feel a craving come on, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry or am I just responding to something else that is happening?”  If hunger isn’t the reason, try to pinpoint why you feel like eating.  Tracking your food can help with this.  Tracking your food regularly can help you notice trends.  Let’s say you have a tendency to overeat on Mondays, or you tend to munch more in the evenings.  Is it out of boredom, loneliness, or something else?

Three of the most common emotions that can lead to eating are stress, anger, and boredom.  There’s no denying that stress is part of our everyday lives.  Did you know that it can create the same physiological responses as anger, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure?  If you’re eating as a response to anger and/or stress, find some activities that will help you calm down and deal with the issue at hand, instead of covering it up with food.  Here’s a great idea: try EXERCISE!   It’s a known stress buster and it boosts mood.  Get down to CrossFit for a killer WOD!

With all the ways we have nowadays to entertain ourselves, we still seem to get bored!  Conveniently, eating adds another layer to our entertainment options, like having popcorn at a movie, or going out to dinner with friends.  But, eating can also become an easy thing to turn to when we don’t know what else to do!  After all, eating is fun and enjoyable, and it passes the time.  Fortunately, many boredom-busting activities don’t involve food.  With an arsenal of activities you can do besides eating, you’re on the right path to stop the emotional eating cycle.  You might not be successful every time, but if you accept your mistakes and move forward, and continue to work on your issues by tracking, journaling and distracting yourself in a positive way, you’ll overcome your emotional eating problems once and for all.  With so many enjoyable experiences in life, food doesn’t have to take center stage.  Make sure you are taking time to enjoy all of them equally!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 30 db clean and jerks focusing on technique with a light weight

WOD –  “Flip It”

5 Rounds (Max time – 20 minutes):
Run 400M
Max tire flips

* in partners – while one partner is running the other is doing max tire flips.  Score by max tire flips.

Zone 2: Sub the run to 200M

Zone 1: 3 rounds

Cash Out – Sotts press 3×5


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