Saturday Team WOD – June 12

Gang, time for another fun team workout!  This one is inspired by the final team wod at the Canada Regionals.  Have the fun!

Buy – in :  select teams of four athletes, establish team names and interpersonal bonds.

WOD – Regional Rowbots

For time:

  • 1. Each person completes a 500m row
  • 2. Each team member performs 25 overhead squats (65/95)
  • 3. Each team member performs 25 pullups
  • 4. Each team member performs 25 sumo deadlift high pulls (65/95)
  • 5. Each person completes a 500m row

Aside from the row, 2 team members can go at any one time.

One erg and two bars per team only.  Erg to be set to 500m intervals, rower cannot let go of handle before the monitor reads “0”.

Bars for ohs and sdhp can be scaled as needed for different team members but the same two bars must be used for the entire workout (i.e. teams must load and unload their bars).

Pullups can be scaled as needed.

Cash – out – Crown team wod champs, sign up for the Zone Games!!


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