Saturday Teamness!

Hey gang,

It’s Saturday and that can only mean one thing – it’s team time!  Should be a cracker, we’ve got a mix of strength, running, and pure metcon goodness so grab your buddies and come on down.  I promise not to cry!


Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: Create a team of 3 people and generate a team name – Aquatic theme!

Practice all movements in the AMRAP

WOD: “Walk Hard”

This wod has two parts – combine your scores from each to get your team’s overall score for the day.

Part 1:  Max Thruster

  • Your team will have 12 minutes to get a 1RM for each person in the thruster
  • 1 rack and 1 bar per team
  • As many attempts as you like
  • Be safe – keep your lifting area free of weight plates and people!
  • Warm-ups limited to the bar only before the wod starts!
  • Total weight for your team (best lifts from each person) is your score

Part 2:

12 minutes to accumulate as many reps as possible of:

  • 200m run (counts as 20 reps)
  • box step-ups (20/24)
  • dumbbell hang squat cleans (20ish/35ish lb per hand) – full squat depth, dumbbells to knee height to start each rep
  • the person on the run times the switches – when they return, change stations
  • record all reps at all stations and add together!
  • ?

Cash-Out: Handstand practice – accumulate 5 – 7 minutes total time inverted


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