Saturday WOD with Bones and Scoots!

Good Looking Group!
Good Looking Group!

Hey Team,

It’s Saturday, so that can only mean one thing – fun team wods with Bonesy (9am) and Scoots (10am).  Strap up your runners, tape up your hands, and bring in your fun caps, it’s going to be a good one!

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: Making teams (of 4 preferably), and excellent team names!

WOD:  One Thousand Six Hundred Points of Awesomeness

As a team, you must complete each component before moving on to the next.  Each team member must contribute EQUALLY to each component (i.e. 4 team members = 50 reps each on each exercise).

For time:

  1. 200 wallballs
  2. 200m run (all team members back before moving on to next station)
  3. 200 burpees
  4. 200m run (as above)
  5. 200 situps
  6. 200m run
  7. 200 thrusters (35/45lb bar)
  8. 200m run (time stops when all team members are inside the gym!)

Cash-Out: Relax, enjoy the Saturday!


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