Let’s start this Saturday off right with some good old fashioned fun in the gym!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Coaches’ choice of dynamic movement or game

WOD:  Station Madness

Okay gang, this one is a mishmash of stuff that you’ve probably never done or at least not done in a while… this is going to challenge many more of the 10 general physical skills than usual and require you to use your fitness in a flexible manner.

4 stations, 8 min at each – coaches either split the athletes up or hang out at each station as a big group and work through

1.  Medball Barhops

  • grab a medicine ball of your choice and stand at one end of the new pullup bar structure
  • your goal is to toss the ball over EVERY pullup bar down the whole length of the pullup structure
  • if you drop the ball, 3 burpees on the spot
  • this is for time – as a group, run through several attempts each to see who gets the best time!
  • Rx: 14/20

2.  High Wheelbarrows

  • this is NOT a race but a skill transfer exercise for learning handstand walks and shoulder strength
  • with a partner, practice short wheelbarrow walks with your partner holding your feet at various heights
  • aim to work up to having your feet on their shoulders or if very comfortable, the can support your legs while you are in a handstand

3.  Monkey Bars

  • head over to the old pullup structure
  • work your way from one end to the other, starting with basic monkey bars and advancing from there
  • try to go there and back if possible
  • watch out for the end bar – it spins and is out of play!

4.  Barbell Farmer’s walks

  • in gym or out in parking lot
  • align two barbells parallel to each other (with weights on or without)
  • pick them up like suitcases and walk from one point to another (cones), trying to keep them balanced

Cash-Out: Group 1k run – 2 laps of the block, nice easy pace


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