Sectionals WOD #4


Okay gang, things just got REAL… “real-er” than most of us actually predicted for this stage of the games.  WOD #4 has a nice spicy blend of some remodeled barhop burpees, some reasonably heavy overhead squats, and last but not least… muscle ups!  I didn’t foresee that last ingredient popping up during the Open, but here they are, for guys and girls.

The first order of business of course is to actually GET to the muscle ups and I’m sure that overhead squat will be a challenge for some.  It looks like some preliminary scores are already in with top men scoring 130ish reps (1 round plus 30 burpees) and posted women’s scores of just over 90.

It’s a very interesting WOD on the women’s side as I would estimate that less than a tenth of the female competitors can execute a muscle up while unfatigued… let alone after a pretty serious dose of burpees and ohs.  So here’s the deal for the girls – you NEED to get 90 reps (if possible and safe to do so!) or you will be behind a huge logjam that’s going to happen at that number.  If you’re unsure about the overhead squats, just keep all the good cues in your head as you go through – TIGHT core and PUSHing up into the bar.

It’s going to be a great challenge for all competitors, just do your best and then no matter what you will be satisfied with the result!

Some notes on technique for judging:

  • Watch the jump on the burpee – it has to be a two-foot take off and land
  • Body must be perpendicular to the bar for each burpee with the head nearest the bar
  • Full size plates must be used
  • Full extension does NOT have to occur at any point in the burpee or jump
  • For the overhead squat – hip must FULLY OPEN at the top and the crease of the hip must clearly be below the top of the kneecap for the rep to count (athletes don’t overspeed these reps – make every one count!)
  • No racks
  • Muscle ups – turnout must occur with a STRAIGHT arm – a lot of people short this by keeping the arm bent but it must be straight for the turnout portion of the rep
  • Full extension of the elbow at the top of the muscle up – athletes make sure of this by holding the straight arm position for a half second otherwise you risk a “no rep”

Other than that, work hard, keep a steady pace on the burpees and do as many ohs in a row as possible.  After that, just kip hard.  For the guys, aim to get through the 10 muscle ups if possible – after that you can accumulate reps and separate yourselves with the burpees.  If you have trouble with muscle ups, take your time on them and make sure of each one… missed reps suck and they drain you even more than made reps!

Good luck, I’ll be doing this one on Friday in Kona at Crossfit Ali’i… gonna be a sweaty one!!


Today’s workout

Buy-in: Athlete’s choice 2 or 3 rounds of – 10 jumping ring dips, 10 situps, 5 goblet squats, 10 box jumps, 10 overhead squats (bar or pvc)

WOD:  Sectionals 11.4 – Burpee, OHS, Muscle up

This is a 10 minute AMRAP of:

  • 60 bar-facing barhop burpees
  • 30 overhead squats (90/120)
  • 10 muscle ups (full turnout for each rep with straight arm)
  • Watch the demo video here

Zone 4 – scale muscle ups to chest to bar pullups (20 reps = 10 muscle ups)

Zone 3 – scale overhead squat weight to 65/95, sub 20 regular pullups for 10 muscle ups

Zone 2 – scale overhead squat weight as needed, 20 assisted pullups

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-Out: easy 800m jog as a group, followed by a group stretch and review of the workout










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