Shoulder Assessment – Part 2

Last month I put up a post called The Missing Link.  In this post I talked about CrossFitter’s amazing shoudler flexibility! (j/k).  Take a look at the video above to watch  Part 2 of Kelly Starrett’s “Mobilization with Movement.”  If you missed Part 1, click the this link.

I cannot stress to you how important flexibility of the shoulders is for all CrossFit exercises and overall health of the shoulder.  Give these exercises a try and see the improvements first hand!  There are bands and lacrosse balls in the gym for you to use.  Add these into your warm-up or cash out!

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: 800m jog, stretch quads, calves, lats

WOD:  “Mary”

Mary is a classic named workout that incorporates two of the tougher “gymnastics” movements that Crossfit has to offer – handstand pushups and pistol (1 leg) squats.  Of course there is the usual smattering of pullups to break up the monotony of being either upside down or crazily balancing on one leg ;).  The full workout is a 20 minute AMRAP in which you count the rounds completed, not total reps.  It’s pretty tough on the hands with the pullups and the quads with the pistols, so if you are prone to tearing your hands or get sore from high rep pullups and quad stuff (thrusters, wallball) then it’s best to opt for the Half Mary (in any zone) so that you don’t compromise the rest of your week of training 🙂

Elite:  Mary – 20 min amrap of:

  • 5 handstand pushups
  • 10 pistols (total, not per leg)
  • 15 pullups

Zone 5 – Half Mary – 10 min amrap at Elite level

Zone 4 – scale hspu to 2 abmats (girls), 1 abmat (guys)

Zone 3 – sub 10 sec handstand hold for hspu, modify pistols as needed

Zone 2 – hspu off box or sub regular pushups, assisted pullups

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-out: Funky movement – follow the leader (move across the gym floor, no static stretches!)

Gymnastics tonight @7:30

Skills: Swing on P- Bars, Shoulder Stands,  Forward Rolls from Handstand


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