Shout out from the HMCS Winnipeg!

CrossFit Victoria BC - HMCS doing CrossFit Zone WOD's

HMCS Winnipeg doing CrossFit Zone WOD’s in their new Tshirts!

Hey all you Crossfit Zoners.I am going to start by saying that even though we are thousands of miles away in the middle of Somalia’s Gulf of Aden we are dedicated to taking part in what I like to call Ds outreach program. My name is Wayne Hannah and as all of you have absolutely no clue who I am I will let it all out.  I moved to Victoria  almost a year ago to support the Navy as a firefighter. The thing about me is I use to be “That guy” when I was in the Army loved working out was in great shape, and always strived for results.  Now the thing that confused me as I grew tired of what I was doing and my heart fell out of the job I stopped caring about the most important thing and that was my body and my lifestyle. I don’t mean drinking or drugs I mean I stopped working out and before I knew it I was the guy that would have to convince people that I was a firefighter ha it is kind of funny. When I moved to Victoria I sought out what seemed to be the best way to get into shape and that is as we all know a little session a couple times a week called Cross fit or as I like to call it “Torture”. And that is when I met D. I went to a couple classes a DPL and then as D and I got to know each other I still continued to make up excuses and bury myself deeper. Finally on Feb 6th when I deployed to the Somalia region  I emailed D and asked her to send us some WOD’s and thought to myself there is only one way to do it and that is to completely commit.

I left on the Deployment at 228lbs out of shape but left with a shot. It is May 21st and I weigh 200lbs I am up to 15 kipping Pull-ups  and find myself 2 sizes smaller and 15 million times happier. I am going to leave this right away but I want to add one more thing. We have approx 20 people taking part in this class and it has changed our lives forever. So I want to take this opportunity to Thank Matt and Lani who are sailors with us and are very developed in the Cross fit Environment, as well I want say Thank you D for taking your time out to send us these wonderful T shirts and your Workouts you are a amazing Woman and a even more amazing friend. See you all when I get home I cant wait to meet all of you!

Today’s Workout:

Buy in – 50 Jumping Jacks, 50 Squat Jacks, 50 Wacky Jacks

WOD – For Time:
Row 500 M
21 Power Snatch
21 Box Jumps
21 Burpees

Row 400 M
15 Power Snatch
15 Box Jumps
15 Burpees

Row 300 M
9 Power Snatch
9 Box Jumps
9 Burpees

Cash Out – 100 Back Extensions


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