SKill of the Month – A new Challenge

Since December is a bit of a crazy month, we are opting out of having a skill of the month.  To replace the skill of the month, we will be doing a Body Weight Challenge to keep you moving and focused over the holiday season.  The Challenge for you is to complete as many PUSHUPS as possible between December 5th and January 5th anytime, any place. All the pushups that you complete in your warmup and workout counts for your score.  Reps that are counted can come from a regular pushup, ring pushup, handstand pushup as well as a burpee (as long as it includes a strict pushup).

This Challenge is FREE and open to any members to take part.

At the end of the month of doing pushups, we will be giving away a prize of a $50 Gift Certificate to CrossFit Zone for who ever completes the most reps.  The tracking of your reps is on the honour system,  keep a record of your reps daily in a journal, on or in ZenPlanner (ask for assistance).

Make a goal of how many pushups you want to achieve and post it to the comments.  What is a realistic number to do daily for you?

Have fun!

Remember to bring in your can of food for an extra class a week all in December –

Today’s Workout:

Buy In –  Time to retest your KBS strength. Please give your score to your coach.  Coach led hip warmup, then:

EMOTM complete 10 KB swings with a challenging weight (55/70 – RX) for 7 rounds

Zone 2 – scale weight as needed
Zone 1 – scale to 3-5 rounds


50-40-30-20-10 Reps for time:

Double unders

Zone 3 – scale double under reps as needed
Zone 2 – scale to single skips (3:1)
Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash Out – stretch out the calves and then work on your Mobility Goat!



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