“Sock” It To Me


It happens to the best of us.  You rip your hands, and everything is instantly made all the more miserable for at least three days.  But how to prevent it?

We’ve talked about the importance of hand care, and shaving down your calluses regularly.  We’ve discussed how firmness of grip comes into play, and about the use of chalk and gloves.  But it STILL happens….

…And then I came across this little video.  It seems so simple.  Can it actually work?  I’m a big fan of giving it a try, given how cheap and easy the remedy is.  How bad could it be?  Have a look for yourself and see!

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: Snatch Pull – work technique from the floor to powerful full extension – 15 mins

  • sets of 3 reps, lots of rest in between, add weight progressively as advised by coach
  • start with hips in “squat” position (not deadlift position), knees wide, chest up
  • keep knees out to allow bar to pass the knees safely
  • smooth acceleration into a powerful “pop” at the top (allow arms to bend as the bar travels upwards after the “pop”)
  • keep bar close to body

WOD:  Superstardom

This is a two part workout, consisting of two 5 minute metcons:

Part 1:  5 minute AMRAP for max total reps of:

  • 10 pullups
  • 10 box jumps (20″/24″)
  • 10 double crunch

Zone 2:  scale to assisted pullups and height of box jump

Zone 1:  scale as needed

5 min rest then…

Part 2:  5 min for max metres on the rowing erg

Your score is your combined total reps in the AMRAP and metres traveled on the erg.

Cash-Out: Foam roll/massage ball with coach


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