Stretch, stretch and stretch some more!

CrossFit Victoria BC - Rob stretching after the WOD
Rob enjoying his post WOD stretch!

Flexibility is a very important component of CrossFit.  If you are not flexible you will not be able to master all of the wonderful exercises.  How do I get flexible?  It is easy…. STRETCH! Gaining flexibility is ultimately about discipline.  I know after a hardcore WOD, the last thing you want to do is stretch.  But, that is the best thing for you to do!

The best way to improve your flexibility is to stretch at least once per day, and if possible more!  It is better to stretch for about 10 minutes per day instead of accumulating it all up to 70 minutes once per week.  Stretching is something that you need to commit to long term to maintain your flexibility.

Flexibility is not something that automatically comes with strength training.  On the contrary, strength training without stretching can lead to dramatic reduction in flexibility.  Do you know what is happening to the muscles when you are working out?  The muscles are shortening, so it is very important to continually stretch the muscles to maintain the length.  In many cases, when taken to the extreme, such a lack of flexibility will result in loss of “normal” function, not to mention loss of high-performance function so important to athletes.

Making significant increases in flexibility will bring  improvements to your performance. Having a larger ranges of motion (ROM) will allow for longer periods of applied force, improvement in technique, and reduction in joint strain.

When is best to Stretch?

This is a question that everyone asks…. should I stretch before or after a workout???  I recommend both!  The stretch before the workout will be more of a “Dynamic” stretch, meaning that you take the muscle through a range of motion instead of a static hold.  This will help to warm up up the joint and get the synovial fluid pumping through it (to lubricate the joint).  After a workout when the body is nice and warm,  you want to do a “static” stretch.  In a static stretch, you hold the stretch for approximately 20-30 seconds.  You want to make sure that the muscles are warm when you do this type of stretching or like an elastic band, the muscle will go right back to where it was when you started.  What a waste!

Get stretching everyone, you want to get nice and flexible so that all these gymnastics elements get easier!  Check out the video on shoulder stands.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In 5R / 5L  x 5 sets of OH walking lunge with an Olympic plate.  Increase to a heavier plate each set.

WOD:  “Jackie”


  • 1000 M row
  • 50 Thrusters (35/45)
  • 30 Pullups

Zone 3: Scale to modified pullups

Zone 2: Scale to 25/35lbs for thrusters

Zone 1:

  • 500M Row
  • 25 Thrusters (scale thruster weight as needed)
  • 15 Modified Pullups

Cash Out: 400 M run followed by a full body STRETCH!


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