Summer Provisions

tart and tasty huckleberries
tart and tasty huckleberries

Hello all,

Summer in Victoria is a time of berries, veggies, fish, and fruit.  Just by expanding our horizons a bit, putting in some honest work, and adding a little know-how, we can search out and harvest these goodies at the peak of their freshness.  A lot of people (i.e. the Callendars!) know more about this than I do, so post to the comments if you’ve got good ideas for searching out free fruits or other treats around Victoria.

My personal favorites are huckleberries and of course blackberries are in massive abundance, but I figure there have to be many more things out there to find!  My brother has taken it one step further and hunted down some protein sources too – including crayfish and freshly caught salmon… check out his blog on the subject:

Of course in true Crossfit/Paleo fashion, it doesn’t count unless you hunt with a spear or bow and arrows and are wearing your five fingers 😉 !


Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: Clean and Jerk – 6 x 1.  If new to the movement, get coached on the finer aspects (coaches use your judgement in terms of progressions for the lift).  If familiar, then warm up for the first two sets and hit the last 4 at around 80-90% of your 1RM.

WOD:  “The Big Easy”

the big easy bringing it home
the big easy bringing it home

Dedicated to everyone’s favorite double under/running/pullup/wallball machine, Eric, this WOD is meant to challenge your ability to hit consecutive reps in pullups and double unders.  If you have a tendency to rip your hands on pullups, go easy and limit yourself to 10 pullups or so per round.  There’s no sense in tearing your hands to shreds so that you can’t train or enjoy life for the next five days!

4 rounds for max total repetitions:

  • 30 seconds max pullups
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds max double unders
  • 30 seconds rest

Zone 2:  scale to assisted pullups or 3x single unders

Zone 1:  scale as needed

Cash-out: 4 sets of 15 double crunches


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