Tape your hands

I’ve been noticing quite a few people have been ripping their hands lately with our increased work volume. Here is a great article from Crossfit Invictus on a slightly easier way to tape up and save those palms.


  • Step 1. Take approximately 5 inches of standard athletic tape and fold it length wise. Wrap it around the base of your finger and overlap the excess. The ends should cover your tear/hot spot.
    CF Invictus Tape Step One
  • Step 2. Take another length of tape approximately 10 inches. Tape the wrapped section to one end of the tape and fold width wise so that the other end of the tape also covers the wrapped section.
    CF Invictus Tape Step Two
  • Step 3. You now have a grip for your hands. If you did it correctly, there should be enough excess below the wrist joint to secure it with tape. Simply wrap some tape around your wrist to hold it in place.
    CF Invictus Tape Final Step

Instead of having 1 or 2 layers of tape to cover your callus tear, you have 6 layers of tape over that spot if you use this technique correctly. You don’t have to wait until you tear to use this method either. If your callus is already showing signs of failure and there’s plenty of pull-ups in the WOD, you might want to consider taking some preventive measures.

If you have already ripped your hands, ensure that you are removing the skin that has come off with it. The last thing you want is it to catch on something and rip even further. Make sure you are cleaning the wound with antibacterial soap and covering it with polysporin, Using vitamin E oil is also a great way to increase your healing time and minimize scarring.




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