Technique: It Counts!


Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my “Goats”.  I stopped to examine the ways in which my old Goats had changed, and the ways in which my current Goats are affecting my performance across the board.

In my humble opinion, one of the popular CrossFit exercises that I still need to see a vast improvement in is my rowing.  And I know I’m not alone!  I have observed many of our clients persisting in their own ‘version’ of the row, despite repeated and insistent cueing by the Coaches about correct form.

Personally, I’ve been focusing lately on improving my form with the row, and have felt a world of difference in my endurance and muscle fatigue.  But for some reason I don’t seem to be getting much faster!  Why is that, I asked myself?  So, I did some research.  And I came across an amazing  instructional rowing video posted on CrossFit Vancouver’s website.  Once I watched this video, I was struck by the incredible science behind the rowing movement.  I know it doesn’t feel very scientific when you’re sitting on the erg, but believe me, IT IS.  Take a look and see for yourself….

After watching this, it’s easy to see how important all those rowing cues you hear the Coaches giving you really are to your speed and performance.  It’s not simply about looking competent on the rower, it’s about maximizing your body’s power position for maximum stroke length and speed.  Study up, folks!

BC Holiday Hours:

Saturday – 9:00am ONLY

Monday – 5:30pm (crossfit), 6:30pm (gymastics) ONLY

** Gymnastics class is an open skills training session, what ever Gymnastics skills you want to work on, Sean will help you with them.+ gymnsatics WOD **


Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Handstand practice.  With a spotter, challenge yourself to kick up into a handstand without a wall. Make sure that your shoulders and wrists are nice and warm before beginning.


  • on a box
  • against the wall (chest to wall)
  • free standing (with a spot)

WOD – “Rowing Relay”

5 km Row

In partners you have to complete a total of 5km on the erg.  You have one erg per pair and you can split the rowing up any way you wish.  Have fun!

Cash out – Foam roll your hamstrings, glutes & low back


Friday July 30th: 6:30pm
Skills: Muscle-ups on Rings or bar, Front Lever, Shoulder Stands

WOD: In + Outs, (20) Body Curls, (20) Inverted Pull-ups


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