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Photo Credit – Wendy Callendar

Another successful Zone Games… Thanks to all the amazing athletes that competed, the unbelievable volunteers, the fresh new faces in the crowd and all the sponsors!  What a fabulous event!  I was ecstatic on how the whole flow of the event went.  I heard that it was very impressive to watch the change up between the events.  Time was called and the crew was in right away to change up the equipment for the next event in record time!

I wanted to say a special thanks to all the volunteers that made the event happen and run smoothly.  Thank you to:

Michele Lee

Thank you to Sandy for staying up late on Saturday to make the chili and organize the food table for everyone.  Thank you to May and Adam for helping put together the repertoire of workouts.   Thank you to Brigit for being the official score keeper and timer of events!  Thank you to Adam forgoing over the standards of the workouts,  your organization of events and making sure everything ran smoothly.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you to all the sponsors that donated prizes for the event:

Synergy Wellness  – Kristine Salmon
Warren Reeves – Golf Pro
Mike Soley
Green Leaf Automotive Concierge
Chris Gill – Condo Group
Blueworld Aquariums – Jon Elliot
Colleen Bruce – RMT
Sauce – Steve Soley
Investors Group – Amrit Lalli
Oak Bay Bikes – Warren Reeves
Ocean Spray – Ajit Dhillon
CrossFit Zone

I apologize if I have missed any volunteers or sponsors in this post.

Congrats to all the athletes that competed.  There were many many firsts this weekend.  PR`s on clean and jerks, PR`s on double unders and a first muscle up by Alex C.  Way to go team.  Here are the official final scores:

1st – Mark Elliot
2nd – Lindsee T
3rd – Jeff Tenk
4th – Emily S

Intermediate Woman:
1st – Jo-Ani
2nd – Katie
3rd – Tara
4th – Emily I
5th – Billy Jane

Intermediate Men:
1st – Mike K
2nd – Joss & May
3rd – Cam
4th – Parker
5th – Dave S

Advanced Woman
1st – Lindasy M
2nd – Jackie
3rd – Adrianna
4th – Caitlin I
5th – Alex C

Advanced Men
1st – Sean
2nd – Mike S
3rd – Greg
4th – Craig
5th – Jon

We would love to hear from you.  If you hit any PR`s or this was your first time competing, we would love to hear about it in the comments.  If you would like to share your experience on competing, please send your thoughts to

If you took any photos that you want to share with the group and don`t mind them being posted on the Zone Facebook page, please bring in a memory stick or contact to upload them to the page.

If you want to check out some photos from the event, go to:

Today’s Workout

Buy In – Clean & Jerk EMOTM (Every Minute On The Minute) for 15 min.  Increase weight each set.

WOD – “Man-Made”

AMRAP in 5 min – complete as many reps in the time limit as you can of:

  • Man Makers (35/55lb DBs)

Zone 3 – scale to 20/35lb DBs
Zone 2 – scale DB weight as needed
Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash out – MWOD

* The wonderful 5 way shoulder stretch
* Roll out what ever needs it, show your body some love!


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