The real reason to do the WLC

Do you think that the Whole Life Challenge could change your life?  Take a read of this powerful testimonial from CrossFit LA from one of their members that did the Whole Life Challenge last year.

Testimonial from Kelly P –

“This experience changed my life, to a life that I wanted to live and one that I’m now proud of.

Before the challenge I felt confident, excited by the potential and extremely motivated to be taking control of my diet and without knowing it, my life. At the same time, I felt overwhelmed by the daunting task at hand; all of the planning, attention to detail and accountability.

During the challenge, big picture, I’d take it week by week; the planning of eating and workouts, all of the food shopping, the cooking, etc. But the heart of the challenge really lived at some moments, in the minute to minute; the struggle to not give in to behaviors and what was comfortable, to get past every craving and realize you’re really in control of all of these decisions. After a few times of holding myself accountable and not giving in as I had in the past, I started to really understand how easy it all really can be.

After the challenge I probably felt what most others did; empowered, mentally and physically stronger. I felt more connected and in control of my diet, my work, my emotions, my relationships with others. I was playing a better role in all of the important aspects of my life.

Physically I leaned out quite a bit, especially in my abdominals.I felt like I had more energy, my head seemed “clearer” (I’ve tried to explain this to other and this is the best I can do) and I slept like a rock every night.

I expected (and at the time was only focused on) all of the physical results. But I also gained a lot of confidence at the end of the challenge. This didn’t come from the change in my physical appearance but the control I had taken over my diet, which was an area I’d always struggled with and lost to. It also came from the improvement in my workouts and the way I was able to push myself more.

My best friend recently revealed to me that she had been inspired by the lifestyle change I had made. She began to mimic some of my behaviors: making exercise a priority, eating healthy, planning meals ahead, cutting back on alcohol and she has lost 20 pounds over the past 5 months.

Again, the WLC changed my life. With my diet, I used to focus on calories and the not the quality of the calorie. I ate Lean Cuisines and filled up on Diet Cokes. I never considered ingredients; reading a food label past the nutrition facts panel was foreign to me (and I learned that sugar and soy are in almost EVERY processed food). I rarely gave consideration to the quality of the food, how it was grown, how it was prepared, etc. It opened my eyes, made me more aware and connected to everything I put in my mouth. When I go the to grocery store, my cart is now filled with whole, fresh foods, every time.

I now revel in the strength that my body has and continues to build instead of criticizing all of the parts I want to change. I now incorporate 20 minutes of stretching EVERY day and can’t imagine what life was like before. And I always keep a full water bottle at my desk.”

Registration is OPEN… to register go to:

Bring your friends and family down for a workout during  “Guest Days”

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Coach led dynamic Warmup

WOD“Head to Toe”

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
P1: Run 50M
P2: Push Press (65/95) (Score)
P3: Toes to bar (Score)

Score= Total reps of push press and toes to bar on the team

Zone 3 – scale push press to 45/65lbs
Zone 2 – scale push press as needed, scale toes to bar as needed
Zone 1 – add a rest station

Cash Out – Group stretch



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