The “Sasquatch” Of All Skills…

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I’m sure most of us can agree that the elusive  “sasquatch” of all the CrossFit skills tends to be the Muscle Up.  For many folks the reality is that of repeated faithful, yet unsuccessful, attempts.  They may dream and visualize about it, practice the transitions, develop their muscle-up specific strengths, and then try over and over again, only to still fall short at getting it all in the bag.

With the Crossfit Games Open in full swing, and the chance of a Muscle Up WOD on the horizon, there’s no time like the present to get the Muscle Up under your belt!

Here are some handy tips from CrossFit All-Star Jason Khalipa. Check out the video below to learn from one of the best!

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Today’s Workout

Buy In – Rowing technique

  • Focus on 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock back position
  • play around with your starts – 3/4 slide, 1/2 slide, full slide, 3/4 slide, full slide
  • If there is a sequence you like to use, share it with your fellow Zoners

WOD “Thirties”

  • Row 30 sec, rest 90 sec X 5 sets
  • Sit-ups 30 sec, rest 60 sec X 5 sets
  • Double Unders 30 sec, rest 30 sec X 5 sets

Score as total meters + total reps. When recording in MFT, make sure to split up the exercises in the notes section.

Cash Out – MWOD

* Roll out hamstring attachment with a ball on a box moving the knee through extension
* 1-2 min couch stretch per leg
* 1-2 minute calf stretch per leg


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