The Zone Blog Series: Part 9

CrossFit Victoria BC - Lisa doing an abmat situp
We miss you already Lisa.  Good luck teaching in Macau and look forward to having you back next summer for good 🙂

What’s hunger got to do with it?

Lots of people ask about meal timing when on the Zone diet plan. A popular question is, “Should I eat throughout the day even if I am not hungry?” The answer is absolutely YES! The Zone diet plan is all about the body’s hormonal responses to food. Let’s think of food as a drug. Your body needs to process this “drug” in a particular way in order for you to attain your weight loss goals. Not being hungry is a great indicator that you are losing body fat and getting into “the Zone”!

Keep an appointment with food. It’s all in the planning! Since the purpose of a Zone meal is to regulate your body’s response to insulin, you must eat on a regular basis. Although everyone is different, a Zone meal should keep hunger at bay for approximately 4-5 hours, and a snack should keep you satisfied for approximately 2 hours. Remember to eat your 3 meals and 2 snacks per day no matter what. Remember what we learnt in the last paragraph? Not being hungry indicates that you are accomplishing your goals and losing body fat!

Another important rule is to always eat breakfast within an hour of waking. But, what if you don’t like breakfast? Try to eat it anyway. Imagine you’re a car: after a long night of sleeping, your fuel tank is empty. Breakfast is the fuel that gets you going so you can hit the road, last throughout the work day, and perform well in your WODs. Some folks may opt to skip breakfast because they think it’s a way to stay thin. In fact, skipping breakfast doesn’t help people maintain a healthy weight. Instead, someone who skips breakfast tends to consume more calories throughout the day. So just eat it already!

Make meal and snack times a priority, and you’re well on your way to staying in the Zone.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 3 rounds, not for time of:  8kb swings, 8 box jumps, 8 double crunch

WOD –  “Olympic Weightlifting Total”
• 4 attempts to get maximum weight on the clean and jerk
• 4 attempts to get maximum weight on the snatch

*  Your score is your combined weight lifted on the two exercises *

Cash Out – 1000m jog (2 laps of block)


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