Treadathlon for MS

To kick off the holiday season Rob Mackay and Donald Peterson will be embarking on a 24-hour treadmill run on December 11th, their goal will be to complete a 24-hour distance run on a treadmill as well as to raise funds and awareness for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for MS. The treadmills will be located at Crossfit Zone (613 Herald Street), Victoria but you can also watch the run via webcast here ( ).

You can support the run!

These two ultramarathon runners will each be attempting to run as far as they can during the 24-hour time limit and they will be raising dollars for each kilometre they traverse.  You can pledge the runners by by visiting the Treadathlon site.

Pondering how much to pledge?  Check out the Pledge examples.

24-hours at Crossfit Zone for MS

The Treadathlon is just one of the many events that will be taking place on December 11th at Crossfit Zone. Please come on down and check it out.

CrossFit Zone would like to help out in anyway possible to pledge money for MS.  We would appreciate your ideas on how you would like to be a part of the event.

Please post your ideas to the comments section or email

Today’s Workout:

Buy InClean and Jerk 5 x 3 reps working up to a heavy 3RM

WOD – “Rambo”

Elite: For time:

  • Row 800m

then 4 rounds of:

• 10 chest to bar pull-ups
• 10 thrusters @ 65/95

  • Run 800m

Zone 3: scale to normal pull-ups, 45/65

Zone 2: 600m row, scale to assisted pull-ups, thrusters 35/55, run 500m

Zone 1: 500m row, 3 rounds, thrusters scaled to ability, run 400m

* Scale workout appropriately, so that you can complete the majority of the sets unbroken.

Cash OutCoach led mobility wod from K-star’s site


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