Congrats to Courtney Sims for winning the Running Bonus challenge draw for the Whole Life Challenge.  Come down to pick up your prize of 2 weeks free Yoga at Synergy Health and Wellness!

What an extraordinary 7 weeks you’ve had. You’ve learned a LOT about yourself, how you operate, what stops you, and most of all, how to get results out of being ACCOUNTABLE for them day in and day out.

What if you could take all that you’ve learned and apply it to your life afte the challenge is over? What if you could use the structure of community, accountability, and a GAME to make other important things in your life happen?

Your weekly challenge for Week 8 is to create 3 goals to be achieved by this time next year.

What does that mean?

  • Goals can be in any area: Fitness, personal life, professional life, health, food, etc
  • Goals must satisfy the SMART criteria:
    • Specific – They must specify what will be achieved, with whom, where, etc.
    • Measurable – Concrete criteria (like real numbers) for measuring progress and completion
    • Actionable – You must be able to take actions to move them forward
    • Realistic – They must be achievable BY YOU
    • Timely – They must have a BY WHEN date
  • Each goal must have at least one action that you can take immediately to start it moving forward
  • You may use your coach or fellow participants to evaluate your goals by the SMART criteria
  • You must post your goals in the weekly challenge forum to give yourself credit for them.
  • You must complete the goals by Friday. NEXT FRIDAY 11/9 WILL BE THE DAY YOU REPORT THIS BONUS CHALLENGE.

Examples in each category:
Fitness – Run a sub-4 hour marathon by June, 2013; do a 300# deadlift by the end of 2012; do 10 consecutive pull-ups by the end of summer 2013; do a freestanding handstand for 10 seconds by Christmas
Personal – Cook 3 home cooked meals per week each week by the end of the year; buy my first house by the end of 2013; take a 2 week vacation with my family in the spring of 2013
Health – Lose 20# in the next 3 months; quit smoking by my birthday; lose 5% body fat in 3 months
Food – Stop drinking soda in 4 weeks; eat at least 5 different colored vegetables each week for the next 6 weeks; shop for food only at the farmer’s market until the end of the year

Create your goals and post them in the weekly challenge forum by Friday next week (11/9) and you can earn 2 bonus points when you enter your score on Friday!

Body Movement Salminar is on tonight (Monday) starting at 7:45pm.  If you have not registered, please come in prior to the seminar to do so.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In–  4 rounds of: jumping jacks, pushups, hollow rocks, jump squats (15 seconds at each station)

Coach led mobility to help you get into the proper thruster position

WOD – “Thrustrated”

Compare to June 29, 2012

15 Rounds of:
Max reps Thruster in 15 Seconds
Rest 45 Seconds

RX – 75/115lbs
Zone 3 – 65/95lbs
Zone 2 – 55/75lbs
Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash Out – 50 – 100 toes to bar (break up as needed)


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