What do you mean you CAN’T?

Granny gets it done, CrossFit style!
Granny gets it done, CrossFit style!

Sure, we all have those days where we’re tired, over-worked, over-stressed, less than 100%, and even just plain lazy.  But is that really any excuse for not coming out to CrossFit for the daily WOD?  Well, according to “The Silvers” from Freedom CrossFit in Prescott, Arizona, the answer is NO!  This is a tenacious group of elderly citizens who are determined to make the last quarter of their lives as enjoyable and healthy as possible.  Despite numerous injuries, surgeries, failing body parts, and deterioration of muscles due to age, these CrossFitters are showing up and gettin ‘er done with some seriously admirable determination!

When thinking of my life in terms of fitness, I’ve been mainly guilty of focusing on being fit for the here and now.  Sure, I’ve given some thought to the long term benefits on my body over time as I age, but I hadn’t taken it further than that.  After seeing this bunch, I can now say that I hope I’m still hitting up the daily WODs when I’m 70 and counting.  Now there’s a goal to aim for!  And the next time you hear your mother, father, uncle, or grandparent complaining about getting old, or being unable to do the same tasks they used to perform with ease, tell them about “The Silvers”.  All it takes is a little hard work and determination to get yourself back in the game and feeling better than ever!

It kind of makes you feel like a cheater for not getting your workouts done, doesn’t it?!  Remember: if they can do it, surely WE can do it!

Click here for the video, and prepare to be impressed…

Today’s WOD:

Buy-in:  Med-Ball Complex

WOD: 4 Rounds
400m Run
2 minute rest

Cash-out: Muscle-Up practice


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