What is happening on Saturday?

This Saturday, Susan and CrossFit Zone have paired up to get people active in the community.  We are traveling around high traffic areas in Victoria Flash Mobbing fitness! I would love to see a great turnout of our community to support this initiative. There is a sign up sheet by the sign in computer.  If you are planning on coming, please pop your name on it so we have an idea of how many people are coming.

We will be meeting at the Zone at 11:00am and going over the details for the afternoon.  At 11:30am we will travel to the first location to do a 105 reps of a predetermined exercise that I have chosen.  If you are unable to make it at 11am and want to meet up sometime between 11:30am and 4pm, please let me know.  If you have a Zone shirt, please wear it 🙂

Susan’s husband Ray will be driving around to the locations, so feel free to bring snacks, lunch anything you need and keep it in the vehicle.

I am sorry for any confusion about this event.  You will not be performing your “105 goal” on this day.  The “What’s your 105?” goal is something that you complete preferably while Susan is doing her swim end of July.  So their is still time to come up with your goal and post it on http://whatsyour105.com/

Please invite friends this Saturday to take part in the flash workout mob.  Let’s make this a real flash mob! (There is no charge).



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