What is the key to success?

Hey Gang,

A recent discussion on the CrossFit Games site was sparked by this question:  “rank from 1 to 5 the importance of:  Nutrition, Athletic background, Programming, Heart, and Genetics in terms of importance for success at the CrossFit Games”.

The full gamut of responses resulted and people got pretty into it for sure… So what do you think?

Is success in crossfit most related to getting your nutrition dialed in or is it having “heart” and giving it your all?  Where would you rank these relative to one another?

Let’s hear your thoughts!


Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Bulgarian Squats – 2 to 4 sets of 12/leg

  • back leg elevated on low box or bench
  • if your legs are feeling it from this week, keep it lighter and do 2 sets as opposed to 4

WOD:  Clockers

Grab a partner and make a team name, “small furry animal” is the theme!

  • This is an interval workout, where you will have 1 minute per station to accumulate reps.
  • You and your partner combine your lowest reps from each station to get your score.

4 rounds of the following:

  • burpee pullups
  • kettlebell swings (35/55)
  • step-down box jumps (20/24)
  • rest

Zone 3:  scale kettlebell to 25/40-45

Zone 2:  scale kbs and box jumps as needed, do 2 burpees and 2 jumping pullups as a sub for 2 burpee pullups.  Consider 2-3 rounds total.

Zone 1:  scale as needed

Cash-Out: Easy walk around the block as a group


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