Yoga on hold for the summer…

Hey Team,

We are putting TUESDAY Yoga on hold for the summer months of July and August.  We are sorry to announce that Dr. Deane is leaving us to head to Vernon for a new job.  We are very happy for him, but we will miss him 🙁

In saying that, come down for the last few weeks of Mobility and Yoga (Tuesday night). Wednesday 8am Yoga is still running with Nicki throughout the summer.

Oly class today – come work on your Snatch!

Coaches Notes:

  • You have done this workout many times before, here is your chance to challenge yourself with weight if you are feeling confident in your technique.
  • This time around we would like you to focus on muscular strength rather than endurance.  This means, choosing a heavier weight and doing less rounds.
  • Choose a weight that you can do a round every 1 -2 minutes.  If you are completing 20 or more rounds (and you are not RX), then you have scaled too much.
  • With the less rounds and heavier weight, focus on maintaining perfect technique.  Don’t let your form degrade anymore than 10%.
  • We say it everyday, but just a reminder to keep they core tight!  Imagine that the coach is punching you in the stomach because our coaches are mean lol!  KEEP IT TIGHT!


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