Zone Games 6 is approaching!

On Sunday, May 27th, the 6th edition of the Crossfit Zone Games will take place. The Zone games are always a fun competition where members can test themselves against their friends. Competitors will be put through many test WODS, which will challenge them in all crossfit modal domains.

Top reasons to compete in the zone games:

  • you are fired up from the CrossFit Regionals
  • compete in a non-intimidating environment
  • prove to yourself and others what you can do!
  • prepare you for the next years Crossfit Open
  • win the awesome prizes liking bragging rights on our zone “cups”

The events last the whole Sunday with a BBQ and food to keep you going. There will be Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and maybe Masters (depending on number of registrants) Categories.

Sign up now in the office. Cost is $30. (Debit, Cash or Cheque)

The standards below are recommended minimums for competing in each of the divisions.  If you are unsure what division you should compete in, talk to your coach and/or email Deanna at   Remember that there are lots of pieces of data online (at that we can use to help make the best decision for you!


Novice Female Novice Male Intermediate Female Intermediate Male Advanced Female Advanced Male
Pullups assisted Assisted or < 10 6 20 15 30
Thrusters (3 rep) 55 75 75 115 95 165
Deadlift 1RM 135 185 175 250 205 350
Muscle up 1 3+
Pushups/HSPU 5 pushups 15 pushups 15 pushups 25 pushups 5 hspu to floor (kip) 10 hspu to floor (kip)
Clean and Jerk 55 75 85 135 115 200
Row 1k 4:30 4:00 4:10 3:45 4:00 3:30
Overhead Squat 45 bar 65 75 115 105 165


In addition, competitors in the Advanced category should be proficient in the full spectrum of CrossFit skills, including: double unders/reverse skips, ttb/kte, full snatches, pistols, squat cleans, chest-to-bar pullups, rope climbs, bar muscle ups, and ring dips.

The Zone Games is meant to be a fun event for “newbies”, as well as those all the way up to the seasoned game competitors.  Feedback has consistently told us that previous first-time and repeat competitors have LOVED this fun event!

If you are unable to compete this time, we also will need volunteers & judges to help out with the event, along with prize donations.  If you are interested in helping out with either, let Brigit know or put your name on the volunteers list in the Zone.

Today`s Workout:

Buy In – Overhead Squat 5 x 5 increasing weight each set working up and above the weight you are using for the workout

WOD –  “Nancy”

5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 overhead squats (65/95)

Zone 3: scale overhead squats to 45/65
Zone 2: scale to 35/45
Zone 1: scale as needed (including # of rounds)

Cash Out -MWOD

* 1 minute per leg in Couch Stretch
* 1 minutes per leg in a Calf Stretch
* 1 minute per leg psoas stretch
* Rubber band stretching for shoulders as needed


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