13.2 in the books

Ray persevering in 13.2 (Photo credit – Wendy Callendar)

Congratulations to everyone who threw down 13.2!  It looked easy on paper but it was a lot more challenging than expected for most.  I know that a few of us were sick or had injuries going into it.  But remember, you did the workout, you did not quit and that shows a lot of mental strength.

I waited until the last day to complete the workout because I started to get sick on Wednesday and no it was not from seeing the Open wod 😉  When I saw this workout I actually was very excited because it should have been a good one for me and I was excited to crush it with the morning ladies on Friday.   I wanted to say a special thanks to Sam for his chat right after I completed the workout because I think everyone can learn from it.  Sam brought up my spirits after the workout by reminding me that if I can push through a workout as hard as I possibly can when I can’t breath, have a raw throat and no energy,  it makes me stronger.  Think of how many people would have just quit because it is easier to?  How many people would just make excuses the whole workout to not push hard?   Think about that….  If you can push through a workout at your worst,  think about the times that you are on the top of your game….  Maybe you could push harder?  I know that I will remember this situation the next time I am in a challenging workout. I will remember how tough the first round felt today, which is usually how challenging some workouts feel at the middle or end, depending on what they are.  If you were in this situation this week or have been before, you should congratulate yourself for being a hero for giving it your all,  and try to remember it for the future when workouts get tough.

If you were not at the top of your game,  think about all of the thousands of athletes are doing the Open,  are they all at the top of their game every workout?  Probably not!  They are all analyzing the workout in their heads and thinking about what could have be done better.  So please try to stop analyzing the workouts after.  All that can be asked of you is… “Did I do the best, that I could do today?”  And the circumstances should not matter in this question.

Do you remember a post that AJ found awhile ago about how athletes have off days and you can’t expect to be on the top of your game everyday and hit PR’s?  Maybe this is a good time to take a read again….

Check it out again:  https://crossfitzonex.com/why-cant-i-pr-every-day/

You should all be proud of you for doing the Open!  It makes you stronger physically and mentally.

Coach Dee

Open Gym (downtown):

  • 8:30am – 9:30am
  • 10:30am – 12:15pm
  • 1:15pm – 4:30pm

Running Group: Leaving from the Westshore and Downtown locations at 5:30pm.  Remember this does not count as one of your classes in the week.  The group will be doing a 5Km run today.


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