A Word From Harrison Nguyen

CrossFit Victoria BC - Guan Yu

Most of you are aware that one of our dear Zoners, Harrison Nguyen, suffered from some unfortunate and severe second degree burns on his body before Christmas.  With the help of his CrossFit Zone family and his friends, he has been working his way to recovery for the last several weeks.  Harrison wanted to express his gratitude to the Zone for the support he has received from us during this difficult time.  He sent us the following Thank You letter, along with a heartfelt gift for our gym:

“To Deanna, Shannon, Krista, Cam, and the rest of the CFZ Gang,

As I was lying on the hospital bed that Tuesday in tremendous pain, the nurse asked me a question; “Is there anyone I can call for you?”  At the time I believed there was no one.  How wrong I was.

I cannot even begin to explain the amount of gratitude I’m indebted to everyone.  The support and generosity shown by you all has made me realize how truly blessed I am.

Camaraderie and Honour are some of the traits shown by you all and they are also embodied by the Chinese folk hero, General Guan Yu.  Guan Yu was a soldier during the romance of the three kingdoms era of China.   He is most famously known for being loyal and dedicated to his brothers in arms.  This statue of Guan Yu can be found in businesses and police stations in the Eastern World, where it represents a loyal and honourable business.  The statue is also a symbol of good luck and is said to protect its owners from the crooked and bad spirits.

I hope that it will bring the same good fortune to CrossFit Zone for years to come.


Harrison Nguyen”

You may have already noticed our new statue of General Guan Yu has taken up residence in our lobby,  guarding the sign- in desk.  Whenever you see it, be sure to give a thought to what it represents.  Friendship amongst our CrossFit Zone family, loyalty, honour, good luck, and protection from harm.  Thank you for this wonderful gift, Harrison!   GET WELL SOON!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In Double under practice (5-7 min).  If you are proficient, try to achieve a personal best.  If you don’t have one double under yet, get one!  Think about the timing of the rope – it must be moving twice as fast as a regular skip and you have to pick up your feet a bit.

WOD – “Guan Yu”

This is a partner WOD in the spirit of our new friend.  In partner workouts, you have to work with your teammate, trusting, communicating, encouraging, and relying on them.  I think Guan Yu would like that idea.

For time – the following tasks have to be completed by EACH partner, in order, with only one partner exercising at any one time:

  • Kettlebell duck walks x 2 lengths of gym (1 kettlebell held in the “goblet” position not 2 like the video, try to keep hips below knees) see video
  • 30 double crunches
  • 15 kettlebell snatches (per arm)
  • 30 squats
  • 30 kettlebell swings
  • Kettlebell duck walks x 2 lengths of gym

Kettlebell weights do not have to be the same within each partnership (one person may be zone 1, another zone 3)

Elite:  35/55lb

Zone 3: 25/40

Zone 2: 20/30

Zone 1: scale as needed

Cash Out – Floor Press – 4×6, working up in weight each set to a 6RM

_ _ _ _

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today: 39

Buy-in: 809


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