Amanda Allen and Awesomeness

Original photo courtesy of CrossFit Long Beach on Flickr

Hey Gang,

Great video series still pouring out in the aftermath of the Crossfit Games.  Go ahead and check out Crossfit HQ on youtube for more goodies…

Today’s video features Amanda Allen of Australia.  41 years old, finished 19th in the full on (i.e. not masters!) competition.  Only 8 months of Crossfit specific training but obviously a very talented athlete in other arenas as she discusses in the video:

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First of all, I think it’s awesome that she dominated in a field of women who were (for the most part) 10-15 years younger than her and also that she attained this level through very limited specific training… which leads to my question for today:

How much does training Crossfit specifically matter in terms of performance in the Crossfit Games setup?  Is it possible to achieve a very high level of performance by not training regular Crossfit style or is a certain dose required?

Let me hear your thoughts!


Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Snatch Warm-up Sequence

  • with empty bar:  5 rounds of – 1 power snatch, 1 overhead squat, 1 snatch balance, 1 hang squat snatch
  • put the bar down between rounds, focus on perfect position on each rep
  • if new to this movement, work with your coach on hang power snatch technique – 5 rounds of 3 reps

WOD:  Roswall

This is a relatively recent WOD that came from the wonderful brain of France Legault!  We did this WOD on July 13 of this year, so check back in MFT to see the leaderboard.

This is an interval workout, with each successive interval starting on a 5 min timer.

5 rounds for individual time of:

  • 250m row
  • 12 kbs (35/55)
  • 6 wallball (hit the DOT) – 14/20
  • add your slowest round and your fastest round together to get your time
  • Coaches pair people up who are doing the same zone – start person 2 at 2min in

Zone 2: scale kbs as needed, scale wallballs to 10/14 (girls to 9?)

Zone 1: scale as needed

Cash-Out: Lacrosse ball – find the angry bits in your upper back and shoulders (use the wall for moral and destructive support!)


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