Are you huffing and puffing?

CrossFit Zone coah Bones taking a rest
Bones taking a rest after some hardcore thrusters

Let me ask you this…

How is your nutrition?
Do you follow the Zone?
Are you eating foods that are low glycemic?

There is a correlation between eating sugar and how you perform in a workout. When I say sugar I’m talking about anything that you eat that breaks down to simple sugars and all complex carbohydrates, For example: bread, pasta, chocolate, candy, chips etc. I am sure you have all heard that Nutrition is most of the battle for results. Well, it has a lot to do with your daily performance as well! Try Zoning religiously with paleo type foods for 2 weeks and see how much easier it is for you to breathe when you are “givin’ er” on the high metcon WOD’s.

Story time 🙂

I had a great experience with this about 3 years ago when I was new to CrossFit, Well, I’m not sure if “great” is the word!  I was following the CrossFit HQ’s WODs religously 3 days on, 1 day off, and following the Zone to the “T”. This meant weighing and measuring everything with no cheat days for two weeks! My first cheat day was on Thanksgiving, I thought that I would go all out when it came to the desserts. I didn’t have one… I had 3!  The next day was “Cindy” (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats AMRAP in 20 minutes). My previous score was 17 rounds. I went in to the WOD pretty strong like normal, Then, after maybe 5 minutes I just could not get enough air in to keep me moving! Then I started to feel really nausaus… I get that way with CrossFit WOD’s, but only when I push myself 100 times harder than I had done that day! I only managed to get 12 rounds in and like I said the only thing that changed was my diet the day before. That was NOT a fun experience. Every time I eat sugar and think of working out the next day, I remember that feeling and how much it really sucked, and that memory helps me reign myself in and refrain from going all out on the sugar.

So, if you want to be able to perform to the best of your ability:

1.  Minimize or completely cut out your sugar intake. And I don’t mean sugar from fruits! When you do this for a week or two you’ll notice that fruits have so much more flavour and are an amazing  specialtreat.

2.  Try to eat low glycemic carbohydrates. Take a look at your Success Journal and eat the “Favourable Carbs”

3.  Zone Zone Zone… give it a try for 2 weeks and you will not be dissappointed! You’ll feel great, your workouts will get better and you’ll notice physical results as well!

Does anyone have any stories they want to share?

Today’s Workout:

Teams of Four.

  • 2000M Row
  • 200 Burpees
  • 160 Pull ups
  • 120 Push Jerks
  • 2000M Row

It’s all about teamwork.  Only one person from each team can be conducting their portion of the exercise at a time.  The reps need to be distributed evenly amongst the team. Take sometime to strategize before you start.


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