BC Day Long weekend hours


  • Saturday 10:00am only
  • Sunday HP 9:30am
  • Monday 9:30am, and 7:30pm only


  • Saturday 8:00am
  • Monday 9:30am only

Come in and work on Snatch grip push press/jerk with Sean. Build that shoulder strength and get used to lowering the bar onto the your back.


Coaches Notes:

  • On the medball situp and throw, choose a weight that you can throw the ball from a supine position compared of sitting up and then throwing the ball.
  • The dips could be the slow point in the workout, so make sure to break the reps into manageable sets to prevent going to failure on any reps and being able to take minimal rest.
  • Challenge yourself with a heavy dumbbell, that you are able to stabilize overhead.  Watch bringing the DB back down… lower it to the shoulders and then grab the other hand to help take it from the shoulders to the ground to prevent injury.
  • The DB must start on the ground each time, alternating arms each rep completing a total of 10 reps.
  • This AMRAP is not a sprint, go at a moderate and steady pace.


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