Time to retest your OHS Mobility!

We have been spending a lot of time the last few months on overhead squat mobility and strengthening.  Most of the warmups have included banded squats or walks to strengthen up the glutes.  The Mobility at the end of the class has been tailored to opening up the hips, chest or stretching out the ankles.  Have you been working on your mobility religiously over the months?  It is time to find out how much improvement you have had.

Next time you are in the gym, grab a pvc pipe to do the overhead squat test up against the wall or post (what ever you started with) and have your Coach measure your improvement.  If you did not get the improvements you were hoping for, did you put in the time every day to improve your mobility or strength?

Coaches Notes:

  • The workout is a quick sprint.
  • The weight for the front squat should be moderately heavy.  You are welcome to do a squat clean for your first front squat for efficiency.
  • Tape up your hands if needed for the toes to bar!
  • 10 minute time cap



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