One day, I was inspired to break down exactly what the word “CrossFit” MEANS to me.  I have left it written here in my random, stream-of-consciousness format, which you can hopefully follow.  Here’s what I came up with:


Change – the metamorphosis into someone new physically and mentally, lifestyle changes.
Character – the workouts build mental and emotional character.
Camaraderie – between the people who become “family”, friends, and a close knit group.
Chaos – it can be a fast paced, loud, sometimes frantic environment, but amazing chaos all the same!
Choice – you can choose your dedication and intensity level.
Competition – both against yourself and your peers.
Contradiction – you can love it and hate it at the same time!


Rebel – exercising a non-conformity to standard fitness norms, rebelling against your mind, pushing further..
Regret – the aftertaste of anticipation, wishing you had pushed harder, although this is what keeps you coming back for more to improve.
Relationship – bonded with your peers, forged by misery, working together to a common goal.
Religion – the rumoured religion of Crossfit, “drinking the kool-aid”!
Responsibility – to yourself, to your teammates, to your body for health and fitness.


Obedience – to yourself, obedience to the rules, to the coaches instructions and suggestions.
Originality – Workouts that are never truly the same, not to mention that each person has their OWN way of WOD’ing.
Ownership – owning your own fitness, ability and health.
Objectivism – the end justifies the means, looking at your strengths rather than weaknesses.

Scale – adjust the level for your ability, soreness, current need, and future goals.
Self-Image – taking what your friends and family think about you, aligned with the portrait you paint of yourself based on your character and accomplishments. This replaces negativity!
Safety – safety amongst your peers, safety in movement and consistency, safety FIRST!
Share – sharing accomplishments and failures with others, sharing responsibility in a team environment, sharing stories and experiences.
Simplified – fitness made simple. Do this, or don’t. It works. End of story.
Slave – becoming a slave to your CrossFit hunger! A willing slave to your own dreams and goals.
Snatch – a humbling but important Olympic lift. Also Great for dirty joke material… 😉


Social – a welcoming environment where you make countless human connections.
Stereotype – breaking stereotypes about gender, ability, age, and traditional roles.
Stiff – how we often feel the day after a brutal WOD!
Student – at crossfit we’re always learning to better ourselves.
Styrofoam – roll it out, bitches! Loosen those muscles.
Support – here you’ll find un-paralleled mental, physical and emotional support for your goals and fitness.
Surrender – either give up your ego and need for control, or you’ll be fighting every step of the way.


Fact – Crossfit is made up of facts: things which are objectively true. Something that is provable. Quantifiable pieces of information.
Fad – Some may say so, but we all know better! Crossfit is here to stay.
Family – made up of CrossFit Love for one another! We’re all family.
Fear – If you don’t ever fear the WOD, you’re probably not working hard enough…
Fight – you engage in a mental, emotional and physical fight for your ultimate fitness. Fight to push through, to reach your goals.
Fix – solving performance problems with hard work and practice.
Flexibility -VERY important to your CrossFit Success. Physical as well as mental flexibility. Rolling with the punches/
Frustration – …..enough said.


Imagine – you have to visualize your successes!
Individualism – Every member has their own way of moving, lifting, coping, and motivating themselves.
Integrity – holding yourself responsible for your own success in fitness.
Internet – dot.com! Keep up with your research. Participate in Crossfit Forums. Educate yourself!


Teaching – the Coaches (as well as your peers) impart knowledge about how to succeed and improve.
Team – there is no “i”‘…. Working together for success!
Tenacious – you may get knocked down, but you ALWAYS get back up. Keep. On. Trying.
Time – do it for time! All is measurable.
Tiring – Obviously!  But it’s the best kind of tired there is.
Torture – …sometimes. But any torture is always worth the feeling of satisfaction you get at the end for having pushed through.
Training – Learning not to suck at life!

If you have any words you want to share that you believe fit into the description of what “C-R-O-S-S-F-I-T” means, please jot them down in the comments section!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  3 rounds of:  40 skips, 10 pvc dislocates, 5 pushups, 10 kettlebell swings

WOD:  “Sectionals 2011 #1: Double Under – Power Snatch”

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches

The Power snatch loads are as follows:
Men and Masters Men 45-49, 50-54: 75lbs/35kg
Women and Masters Women 45-54: 55lbs/25kg
Masters Men 55-59, 60+: 65lbs/30kg
Masters Women 55-59, 60+: 45lbs/20kg

Zone 2 – scale power snatch as needed, substitute 2x single skips for double unders

Zone 1 – scale movements and workout as needed

Cash-Out:  Stretch shoulders, upper back, and wrists, gamble on who will win the WOD at the Zone!


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