Calling All Planners: We Need You!


If there’s one other thing I love as much as buying a hot new pair of shoes (and believe me, that’s at the top of my pleasurable activities list 😉 ), that other thing is spending some quality extracurricular time with my CrossFit peeps.

There have been lots of opportunities for get-togethers in the past.  To call a few to mind, we’ve celebrated several epic birthday milestones in style; had a Christmas bash to beat the band; gone out countless times en-masse for beers, pub fare, and music; danced the night away at swanky Fundraiser Galas; played rousing games of paintball; caught some sunny rays together on the beach; fully kitted ourselves out for a couple spooky Halloween parties; and even shared some warm and inviting holiday dinners as a Family.

But as much as the CrossFit Zone Coaching Staff loves to attend all these amazing events and evenings, it’s a wee bit tough with our busy schedules for us to always be the ones organizing them!  This is where you, our beloved clients, come in.

We want to put the good word out that that we wholeheartedly encourage all of our members to take their ideas in hand and start planning!  If you’re ever struck with a grand notion for an evening out, want to throw a party, help spread the word about a worthy cause dear to your heart, or just get the gang together for something fun, by all means let that cat out of the bag!

We’d be pleased for you to take some initiative in the event planning if you have an idea, and then let us know so that we can help you spread the good word!  Don’t be shy, because you and your creative support are what makes our little CrossFit Gym so great in the first place.

Thank you in advance for all your help in maintaining our amazing sense of Zone Community!

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  dynamic movement, coaches’ choice

WOD: Pump and Jump

This workout has 2 parts, both contribute to your score!

part 1:  Push Press 5 x3, working up to a 3rm

part 2:  6 minute amrap for total reps of:

  • db Thrusters – 6 reps (15-20, 35-40)
  • pullups – 8 reps
  • box jumps – 10 reps

Add highest weight lifted to total reps completed for your score!

Zone 2:  scale to assisted pullups, scale thrusters as needed

Cash-Out:  Partner stretch – hamstrings, quads


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