Canada Day Weekend Hours

Dear Zoners,

It’s holiday time!  As you are aware, this coming Thursday, July 1st, is Canada Day.  Due to the Statutory Holiday, our hours of operation for the tail end of this week will be modified.  We will be open as follows:

Thursday, July 1st –

* 7:00am cancelled
* 9:30am (as usual)
* 10:30am (Gymnastics Class) * the class will be an open training session for skills of the athlete’s choice.*
* 5:30pm class only (other evening classes cancelled)

Friday, July 2nd (classes as usual)-

* 9:30am
* 4:30pm
* 5:30pm
* 6:30pm (Gymnastics Class)

Saturday, July 3rd-

* 9:00am cancelled
* 10:00am (as usual)
* 11:00am (Intro class)

*12:30 pm Gymnastics class


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