One week down and four weeks to go.  Here are some answers to questions that may come up over the four weeks.  Feel free to ask any Coach if you need clarification.

Should I re-do my WOD?

Is getting a couple more reps going to really help your placement or the team?  It also depends on how your body is feeling, if re-doing the workout will make it hard for you to continue training through the week and get ready for the next workout, don’t do it! Remember to keep up your regular training schedule during the Open, you don’t want it to be doing the Open workout 3 times a week.

What if I cannot complete the Open Workout as prescribed?

Unfortunately, a DNF is a disqualification in the competition 🙁

When can I do my Open Workout?

You can complete the Open workout on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm.  There will also be other chances on the weekend to do the workout or retest.  The times will be posted on the blog. Keep your eyes on the website, coaches may post a time they are in the gym outside of these times.

I can’t do the workout this weekend, can I come in during the week?

You are welcome to come in while the gym is open, as long as you are not disrupting anything that is going on currently in the gym.  You will have to arrange your own judge and get the approval from the coach on site.

Where do I put my score sheet when I have completed my workout?

Give the coach on site your score sheet to place in Deanna’s folder by the front desk.

When do I have to submit my score by?

You have until the Sunday at 5pm  after the Open workout is released. You will not be able to post the score after that time, thus not continuing in the competition.

How does my score get Validated?

Once you submit your score online, it will be sent to Deanna to validate.  We will require a copy of your score sheet to confirm for validation.

Can I judge a workout?

If you are wanting to judge, you need to make sure to watch the workout video requirements and be comfortable with sticking to those standards and calling reps if they are not completed correctly.

What if I am not a member at the Zone, can I complete the Open workout at the gym?

Yes, you are welcome to complete the Open workout with the Zoners. The cost to Non-Members is $15 each workout.

Q.O.D: What did you think about 12.1? What did you like about the workout?  What did you dislike about the workout?  What do you think is coming out of the hopper next?

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Make sure to get your legs and hips warm before class! Then, the coach will take you though some hip mobility to help you out in the workout.

* Roll out hamstring attachment (below glutes) on a box, working through knee extension
* With a rubber band, floss the hamstring. On your back with a bent knee, try to press out into knee extension and back (keep moving).

Coach review of Box squat technique

[yframe url=’’]

WOD – Box Squat

3 reps x 6 sets with 2 minutes rest in between

* Increase weight each set
* If you are still working on technique, do 5 – 10 reps x 6 sets


Box Jumps – 15 reps (unbroken) x 5 sets, rest 60 seconds
* choose a box height that will allow you to go unbroken
* Focus on a soft landing, use your quads to control

Games Prep – if your calves will not recover in time for Wednesday, alternate rounds with a goat!
Zone 2 – scale to 10 reps per set
Zone 1 – step down box jumps (save the calves)

Cash Out – MWOD

* Roll out both feet with a lacrosse ball
* 1-2 min calf stretch each leg
* Roll out hamstrings, quads and calves with a foam roller


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