Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Nuts

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Finding fitness and exercise gifts for the die-hard athlete to the weekend bicyclist is not hard. Just find out some more about the specific activities they enjoy. Once you know their fitness passions, it’s just a matter of finding the right fitness gift.

Hydration packs: Activity lovers are super conscious about staying hydrated before, during, and after exercise. Purchasing a high quality BPA-free bottle, such as Nalgene, is a great option. These are super hard plastic bottles that are virtually indestructible. Or, if you prefer, you can go for stainless steel. Many bottles also have calibration marks on the side so you can see how much fluid is being consumed. They also are ideal for mixing the proper proportions of energy drink mix with water, to help give an extra nudge on a challenging hike or climb. Another great option for hydration is a hydration back pack. There are many brands such as CamelBak and Sierra Nevada. These are able to hold quite a bit of water, anywhere from 30oz to 100oz, and are the perfect solution for long journeys.

Heart Rate Monitors: There are a wide variety of monitoring systems on the market. Many systems have multiple functions such as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and calorie counter. Super high tech devices can also transmit workout data with a spreadsheet on the computer to help keep track of progress.

Moisture-wicking clothes: Technology has greatly impacted the way we exercise. New fabrics are light-weight and help to keep moisture away from our bodies which helps us keep warm as well as bulk down. These are a great base layer which helps keep the athlete cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This item is a must have for anybody who builds up a proper sweat!

Energy bars: These are great stocking stuffers, and everyone seems to have their favorite. These are staples for anyone who stays active. Individually packed, most energy bars and gels are full of whey and soy protein and carbohydrates. Some higher quality,health conscious and organic brands include Elevate Me!, Clif Bar, Rebar, and Larabar. There are lots more out there, but make sure you pick something with a good ratio of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Watch out for synthetic ingredients and high sugar content!

Fitness Accessories: Fitness and exercise accessories are excellent holiday stocking stuffers or gifts for fitness lovers. iPods and iPod Armbands make a great fitness gift, especially when paired with a music download gift card.

Magazines: Fitness Magazine subscriptions make inexpensive fitness gift that last throughout the year. For men try a subscription to Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, or Men’s Fitness. Most women enjoy Fitness, Women’s Health, or Shape. Or, consider buying your loved on a much coveted year-long subscription to the Journal!

Relaxation: Stress reducing gifts are excellent ways of helping your loved one wind down after intense activity. Think about buying them a yoga punch pass, or an at-home yoga DVD to help them stretch and recharge. Or, consider getting them a gift certificate for a therapeutic massage or spa treatment to give their tired muscles some relief.

Whatever you choose, remember it’s the thought that counts!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Hang Power Snatch 4×3 – keep weight moderate – work on technique and accuracy

WOD – 500m repeats

  • Run 4 intervals of 500m
  • Rest exactly 2 minutes between attempts
  • Slowest time is your score
  • Zone 2 – scale to 400m
  • Zone 1 – scale to 200m
  • Games Prep – 6 x 500m

Cash Out – 3×5 turkish get-ups

_ _ _ _

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today: 17

Buy-in: 153


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