Krista’s reflection on the Games!

Crossfit Victoria BC - CrossFit Zone family at the games!CrossFit Zone family at the games!

When Deanna asked me to write about my experience at the BC Crossfit Winter games…I felt a little daunted by the task. How do you put into words what it’s like to not only compete with some amazing athletes, but to also be supported by some of the most amazing, supportive, encouraging and all around phenomenal people that I have had the great fortune to share the experience with? How do you describe what it feels like to look out into the crowd and see your fellow athletes cheering you on and so you know that you have to push a little harder, and dig a little deeper to make them proud. The other CFZ athletes that have shared their reflections about the games have already adequately described the feelings and intensity of what it was like to be a competitor and so I don’t want to bore you with more details about what it was like for me…and to be completely honest, I was so nervous and jittery, that a lot of the details have been erased from my mind! Someone asked me minutes after I did the second WOD how the wall balls went and I couldn’t tell them because I had already forgotten! That’s what “being in the Zone” is like for me…it all becomes a repetition of painful movements that are overshadowed by my very girly sweating and grunting. I had good moments, and I had moments where my weaknesses were glaring…but what really stood out for me was the fact that I think we Zoners had the biggest cheering section!

I’ve always been a team competitor and so to compete as a solo athlete in the games was pretty scary for me, but when I saw all you Crossfit Zone supporters out in the crowd, I knew I wasn’t a solo athlete…I was part of a team. I was there because of all of you and the amazing energy and tenacity you all bring to the gym. I would never be the “Crossfit athlete” that I am today without all of you to push and encourage me to go a little harder, lift a little heavier, be a little faster. I am so inspired by every one of the zone athletes! Whether it’s being a part of Rob and Donald’s neurotic goal to run 300km, or helping someone master the kipping pull-up, or watching numerous people concur a muscle-up before me, I am constantly motivated by all of your accomplishments. It is such an amazing thing to be a part of someone’s victory, be it big or small, and so I want to thank you all for allowing me into your lives to have the opportunity to celebrate the victories with you.

To the other athletes that competed at the games – thank you. To Cam for his careful planning of our super-hero Sunday WODS and his call of “just keep moving” that constantly rings in my head now. To Mehul for letting me follow him around on game day and getting me prepped and ready to compete…and for arranging that somewhat indecent “therapeutic” massage! To Sean for being his ever inspiring self and for always welcoming me into the guy-pod to workout (insert subliminal message here: don’tgodon’tgodon’tgodon’tgo!). To Lani for showing me that you can always be a strong competitor and to go after every WOD with determination and to use the experience to learn and challenge. And finally to Deanna for being my dependable workout partner everyday as we prepped for the games and for having the vision, passion and courage to make Crossfit Zone a reality – thanks for being there girl! I am honoured to have been able to compete alongside you all. And a last heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to all you Zoners who supported us as we trained up to the games, and then cheered us on either at the event or from a distance. We really couldn’t have done it without you all!
~ Krista (KDF)

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Overhead Squat practice – 10 min

WOD – Wacky Total

  • 6RM Overhead Squat
  • 6RM Bench Press
  • 6RM Strict Pullup (weight added via dumbbells or subtracted via bands)

Cash Out – with a partner of equal strength: 3 x 20 wallballs for time (continuous clock) – one partner does 20 then switches out, the other parnter does 20.   Alternate until you’ve done 3×20 each.

100 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpees today: 16

Buy-in: 136


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