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Gymnastics class

Over the past month I’ve been very impressed with the hard work of the athletes that have been coming to my Gymnastics Zone classes!  It’s quite amazing to see the dedication and determination that each person has brought to every class.  Not only are these Gymnastics Zone athletes participating in the regular CrossFit Zone WODS, they’re also coming to a gymnastics class in the evenings…  Some even participate immediately after a killer WOD!  It’s obvious their main objective is to improve their gymnastic abilities and body awareness.

I would like to take the time to give special mention to those Zoners regularly participating in the gymnastics class.  Hard work deserves recognition, and without a doubt these individuals have been amazing!

Wendy – She quickly went from 3 consecutive kipping pull-ups to 10+ kipping pull-ups!  She has been consistently coming to classes since the beginning of the gymnastics summer program.  I have also noticed her weightlifting numbers have improved in WODs!

Paul – After just over a week of coming to class, Paul learned how to do a solid muscle-up!

Sam – He’s increased his technique on kipping pull ups, going from 10 consecutive pull ups to 34 in one day!  Not only that, but he has also improved his consecutive muscle -up ability.

Heather (H-Bomb) – Heather has shown increased confidence in floor acrobatics.  She’s progressed from having being very nervous over an old neck/shoulder injury, and her cart-wheel is looking a lot better than when she started.  I also believe she will be getting her Muscle-up very soon!  Probably this week…

Lindsay – An ex-gymnast, Lindsay has been constantly raising the bar!  She is able to learn skills quite quickly and her potential is endless!

Coach D- Congrats to Deanna on getting her first muscle -up!!  She worked a long time for this and I was very happy to witness it in person… TWICE!

As I finish my special mentions, I would like to bring attention to Brigit (aka “b”). I’ve saved the best for last!  This woman has battled some wrist injuries, shoulder injuries, and fears of going upside down.  These things would normally deter someone from coming to a gymnastics class. Yet, she attends the class anyways and pushes her limits.  Even though Brigit might not be able to accomplish everything in class because of her injuries, she still takes the time to learn the progressions of the skills.  Additionally, I have seen her doing the gymnastics homework I gave her on her own time.  In my view that is nothing short of courageous!

The Gymnastics Zone program is only running until the 10th of September.  After this time I am going back home to Montreal.  Before then, my goal is to try and teach everyone to the best of my ability, so they not only learn the various gymnastics movements, but also understand them and what progressions are needed to succeed.  To be thorough, I’m making sure to work on several movements in our gymnastics classes that are often used in daily CrossFit Zone WODs:

For example:

  • Kipping pull-ups
  • Muscle-ups
  • Handstands + Handstand push-ups
  • Foundation movements on the Rings and Parallel bars
  • + More acrobatic movements and Basic Tumbling ( Cart-wheels, Forward + Backwards Rolls)

To every one of the athletes in our Gymnastics Zone program, I applaud you and give you my thanks.  Your hard work and friendly attitudes make coaching a lot more fun!  I look forward to coming to every class because I know you will all surprise me with your amazing abilities! I’m proud to be able to coach such an amazing crew, so I thank you.


The week’s lesson plan is always posted the Sunday night beforehand.  For more information on the course, click the link:

Today’s Workout:

Buy InThrusters 5 x3 reps, work up to a 3RM

WOD – 2010 CF Games WOD # 8

Three rounds for time of:

  • 30 Toes to bar
  • 65/95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps

There was a seven minute time cap at the Games, so please scale appropriately so you complete in that time.

Zone 3 – Scale to knees to elbows

Zone 2 – Scale ground to overhead weight as needed

Zone 1 – Scale reps as needed

Cash OutGroup stretch

Wednesday July 28th: 7:30pm

Skills: Kipping Pull-ups, Muscle Ups, Forward Rolls from handstand
WOD: (1:30 min) L-sit, Wall walks, (15) Ball Press


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