The missing link…

One of the most often overlooked physical skills is probably flexibility.  Stretching really seems to be the missing link in everyone’s routine.   At the Zone, we really stress the importance of stretching and foam rolling to increase flexibility and mobility.

Last night as my shoulders were feeling extremely tight,  I did a search for some video footage by Kelly Starrett.  I came across a few great videos with some awesome mobility exercises.

Does the Coach always say to you “get your arms back,” while doing an overhead press?

Have you attended one of Sean’s gymnastics classes and realized how inflexible your shoulders are?

You may not realize how important the flexibility in your shoulders is until you try to complete any exercise overhead.  The first thing that happens in an overhead press when your shoulders are inflexible is, the athlete compensates  by a forward hip thrust and an arched low back.  That is not the optimal position for an overhead press.  You are just setting yourself up for injury.

Everyone can benefit from mobility exercises and stretching.  Take a look at Part 1 of Kelly Starrett’s “Mobilization with Movement.”

Today’s Workout:

Buy In5 x 5 reps of Frankenstein squats using a moderate weight and focusing on:

  • Full depth of the squat
  • Maintaining a tight core
  • Keeping the chest up with the bar tracking up & down in a straight path

WOD -“Mash it Up”

Tabata Mashup of:

  • Deadlift (135/185)
  • Box Jumps (20/24)

Rest 2 minute

Tabata Mashup of:

  • KB Swings
  • Pushups

Rest 2 minute

Tabata Mashup of:

  • Push Jerk (65/95)
  • Double unders

Complete 1 tabata interval of the first exercise and then switch to the second exercise on the next interval. Complete 4 intervals of each exercise for total reps.

Compare to December 21st, 2009

Cash OutTurkish Getups 3 sets of 2 (R) & 2 (L) increase weight each set


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