Comparison between lifts

Are you strong enough to pull a truck?

Ever wonder what your stronger lifts are? Or what lifts are stronger in comparison to others?  If you are proficient in the Olympic Lifting movement the Clean and Jerk,  you can calculate where your other lifts should be relative to it.

Based off Clean and Jerk

Snatch: 78 – 82%
Front Squat: 105 – 110%
Back Squat: 130 – 135%
Deadlift: 150 – 160%
Power Clean: 85 -90%
Split Jerk: 100%

Based off Snatch
Power Snatch: 80 – 85%
Snatch Balance: 105 – 110%

Are your lifts fairly accurate to these percentages?  If not, what lifts are off?  Let`s here where you are at in the comments section. Do you have a plan to increase the strength in the areas that are not as strong?  If not, please contact your coach to set up a goal setting session 🙂


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