“CrossFit At 63”

I saw this video article about 63 year old Jean Tordella of CrossFit South Bay in the CrossFit Journal, and thought it was well worth sharing.  It got me thinking about where I would like to be as I age, and also about where some of our intrepid “Master Zoners” are right now!  Impressive and inspiring, to be sure.

“Few 63-year-olds are braver than Jean Tordella.

When she showed up at CrossFit South Bay for an on-ramp class, she was filed in among athletes and kids who were far younger. Further, Tordella came to the gym with myriad previous injuries that limited her mobility—but no amount of previous pain would slow her down as she worked her way into fitness.

Tordella, who still holds down a full-time job, is now one of the many people gracing South Bay’s morning classes multiple times a week. She’s a force, and she’s motivated by the opportunity to get better, stronger and faster each day.”

Given that I had trouble uploading the video, click the link below to check it out and hear Jean’s story!


Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Box jump tech

  • grab a box that is smaller than the one you use in WODs (take turns on the smaller ones) – if you use the 12″ usually, then stack a couple of plates
  • 10 jumps up, step down
  • 10 jumps up, rebound off top, pause at bottom
  • 10 jumps up, pause at top, rebound off bottom
  • 10 jumps up, rebound off top and bottom (repeat this last step 3 times)

WOD:  “Topsy”

This is the second appearance of Topsy – first time was in January of this year.  If you’ve not been inverted for a while, here’s your chance – get a spotter and work on those handstands!

Rx – 4 rounds for time of:

  • 10 handstand pushups (girls to 1 abmat, kipping allowed)
  • 15 kettlebell swings
  • 20 double unders

Zone 3 – scale hspu as needed (but still inverted)

Zone 2 – substitute regular pushups for hspu, sub single skips (3x)

Zone 1 – scale as needed

GAMES PREP – step up and use a heavier kettlebell – 45-55lb for girls, 70lber for guys (take turns or stagger starts), NO KIP on hspu and head to floor

Cash-Out:  Athlete’s choice – 50 double crunch, knees to elbows, or situps


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