Fun or winning? Ask Rich Froning…

Hello all,

“I want to have fun but, who has fun losing… nobody” – Rich Froning (2nd place 2010 CF Games)


Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  Build up to WOD weight in the Deadlift and Push Press

  • 10 min time frame

WOD: – Deadlift Push Press AMRAP

This is a short one gang, but intense… and comes from our friends at  Check the blog postings here to see what scores people are putting up.

Rx – 5 min AMRAP of:

  • 3 Deadlifts (185/275)
  • 7 Push Presses (75/115)

Zone 4:  scale DL to (155/225), PP to (65/95)

Zone 3: scale DL to (135/185), PP to (45/65)

Zone 2:  scale DL as needed, PP as needed

Zone 1:  scale workout as needed

WOD 2: Partner 400’s (running) – 4 x 400m each (scale to 200m in Zone 2)

Cash-Out: Foam roll and lacrosse ball the angry bits


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