CrossFit Attitude

Although the “attitudes” listed below may seem extreme and may not apply to “average” participants, we believe those that commit to a CrossFit program not only adopt them quickly, but put them in to practice as soon as they are able. In addition, we believe that those people committed to our CrossFit Zone conditioning program are by no means average…They are or will become Elite.

The following was written by Eric LeClair, a fellow CrossFit Affiliate/Owner. “Our CrossFit Attitude” expresses views on the desire for elite conditioning and what it takes to get there – especially for those that require it or they could die…literally.

Our CrossFit Attitude

Please understand that within the Crossfit community there are those people that require Elite Fitness as a way of life…meaning that their lives and the lives of those around them DEPEND on their fitness level. Enjoy our rules…

1) Lactic acid is a CrossFitter’s friend. A CrossFitter knows the value of anaerobic failure, and actively seeks it out. If he falls on his face, he waits only as long as necessary to move again before he continues.

2) The CrossFitter takes no breaks between exercises, unless it’s to shove a non-CrossFitter out of the way.

3) The CrossFitter runs. He does not use StairMasters nor Ellipticals. He runs. There is no place for StairMasters or Ellipticals in sport or combat.

4) When the CrossFitter cannot run, he walks. When he cannot walk, he crawls. When he cannot crawl, he has failed.

5) The CrossFitter hits big muscles, like the back, the pectorals, the quadriceps and the glutes. He knows this means he is building functional muscle that will assist in the destruction of his enemies and in firing the production of testosterone (of which the CrossFitter has more than the average man).

6) By contrast, the CrossFitter does not waste much time on small muscles. They will grow as the result of functional exercise that hits the big muscles (see above). For example, the bicep is only useful in that it assists with chin-ups, and scaling enemy fortifications. Anything else is vanity.

7) The CrossFitter abhors cables and machines. This is for two reasons. First, to activate stabilizer muscles, the CrossFitter must depend on himself to balance the weight, not a machine. Second, creativity! You should be able to do a CrossFit workout in a your Grandmother’s basement.

8.) The CrossFitter fears only one thing: the WOD (Workout of the day.) The enemy pales in comparison to his WOD. If he doesn’t fear his WOD, it isn’t hard enough.

9) Puking is acceptable. Quitting is not. If he gives up here, he gives up in battle. This is unacceptable.

10) So nature abhors a vacuum, so the CrossFitter loathes missing a WOD. A CrossFitter can complete a WOD in his grandma’s basement, a hotel room, or in a city park.

11) If the CrossFitter is not in pain (mentally or physically)during his workout, he is wrong.

12) The CrossFitter never cheats. He maintains proper technique throughout his training, because he knows that smooth is fast, and that he will be mocked mercilessly for “gym moves.”

13) The CrossFitter knows the value of the basics: the push-up, the pull-up, the chin-up, the sit-up, the squat, and the dead-lift. He also knows the importance of variety, and seeks out different techniques mixing up the above.

CrossFit Coach Deanna pushing her limits
CrossFit Coach Deanna catching her breathe after she pushed herself in the Helen Challenge!

Today’s Workout:

Michael with a twist!

3 Rounds

  • 80 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (F-55lbs, M-75lbs)
  • 50 Med Ball Back Extensions (F-10lbs/M-14lbs)
  • 50 Med Ball Situps (F-10lbs/M-14lbs)


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