CrossFit Open 2015

As you may know, the registration for the Crossfit Open started January 15 and will continue until the end of February. This year at Crossfit Zone we wanted to do something a little different for the open by creating an intramural competition within the gym. A best as I can tell, this idea originated from Catalyst Athletics out in Ontario back in 2013 (Credit where it is due) and was adopted by a number of gyms last year with great success. The idea is to create teams within the gym of all the people who have signed up for the open. Teams will gain points for performance as well as team spirit, participation and other surprising ways. The exact number of teams will depend on how many people sign up and I have already spoken to a few members in the gym about being team captains. The captains will be responsible to energize and organize their team, promote fun and good natured rivalry as well as help encourage as many people as possible to sign up so we have a bigger pool to draw from.

The Details so far:

Intramural teams (teams up to 10 people, depending on final Open roster): Teams will have a captain and a team name, the rest of the team members will be chosen by drawing names from a hat. Teams will then be balanced out to ensure fairness.

The Open Workouts:

Starting February 26th, 1 Open workout will be released each week for 5 weeks. The workouts will be released at 5pm PST on Thursdays and we have until Monday at 5pm PST to have our scores submitted online at We will have a bonus workout/challenge thrown into the mix some time during the Open, so keep your eyes peeled for those details. Workouts will take place on Friday night and Sunday morning. You can of course complete them other times but will have to make arrangements for a judge and gym time. Make sure your team knows as well. (We will be looking for as many judges as possible too so please sign up for the judges course if you can!)


There will be some small prizes for the top team but our main focus is for everyone to have fun, push yourselves and high five your team at the end!

Points – Points will be allocated as follows (Although this may change once everything is finalized):

1 Point – Attendance: every member of a team that completes an Open workout at Crossfit Zone each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout.

1 Point – Top 3 Rx: every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 at Crossfit Zone for each workout gets an extra point for their team.

1 Point – Top 1 Scaled: each male AND female member who places top at Crossfit Zone for each scaled workout gets an extra point for their team.

1 Point – If anyone achieves a top 100 placing within their division (Masters etc) on any workout gets an extra point for their team. (This would be on top of points gained for a top place finish).

2 Points: Weekly Challenge: If all team members complete the weekly challenge posted to the whiteboard then the team will earn 2 points. (Challenges will be posted on Monday after 5pm and must be completed by Thursday 5 pm, examples include complete a mini wod or locate bigfoot….haven’t decided yet).

5 Points (team): Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points.

5 Points (bonus): 6th workout: The winning team of this workout/challenge will earn 5 points. This will be posted at some point during or after the open

So let’s get together, do a work out and have some fun! Remember, we’re here to kick ass while smiling but it will also be fun to push ourselves just a little bit hard to earn some bragging right in the gym. As an added bonus, the open is a great way to measure yourself worldwide and track how things are progressing year to year. So sign up for the open and if you have any questions or concerns at all, ask Sean for more information.
Once the teams are put together, I highly encourage smack talk and challenges! Teams can decide on team names, cheers, mascots or anything else to intimidate the opposition. The teams will be posted in the gym as soon as we know everyone is signed up!
See you in the gym!

Coach Sean


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